How to customize your warehouse in an eco-friendly way?

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Environmental consideration is essential for everything related to climate change and the environment. Warehouses support the logistics industry and the economy, but many warehouses generate large amounts of waste and use too much energy. Therefore, it is necessary to be more socially friendly by adopting various environmentally friendly storage methods as per sustainable manufacturing. It may seem like a waste of time and money, but being environmentally friendly can be a huge benefit in the long run.

Some eco-friendly storage methods are expensive. However, if you compare the cost of these changes to the cost of making no changes, you will find that environmental friendliness can save you a lot of money. On the other hand, you can carry out various eco-friendly storage practices during sustainable warehouse design that don’t cost as much time or money as you might think. With that in mind, here are some ways to customize your warehouse to be more environmentally friendly.


Different elements for sustainable warehousing.

Here are some points to consider in sustainable warehouse management.

  • Practice paperless: Instead of using traditional invoices, more printer ink, toner, and copy paper, use digital options whenever possible. You can scan documents using a handheld scanner or smartphone. Instead of using posts, you should use email whenever possible. Doing more than this can save you a lot of time and money. ‍
  • Choose natural light : You can save a lot of energy with natural light. For example, double-glazed windows can be used to maintain comfort and insulation. If you cannot select natural light, you can switch to LED lighting. It uses 80% less energy than fluorescent and incandescent alternatives. LED bulbs last much longer than other types of lighting and reduce waste and carbon dioxide emissions. ‍
  • Machine for polishing the floor: Concrete is usually the floor covering of a warehouse. However, polished concrete does not require dangerous or harsh chemicals while applied or maintained. You don’t have to worry about the cost of replacement or repair as it is resistant to damage from the seal. It is also insulated because it is denser than other floor coverings. ‍
  • Reduce waste: Avoiding trash is not just about throwing it away. You can start by analyzing your current operational tasks and deciding what you can do to reduce waste. Another great way to reduce waste is to use recycled pallets instead of new pallets, conserving precious natural resources and saving you money. Instead of paying your warehouse personnel to clean up broken pallets, you can order a free drop trailer pallet service. With this service, the pallet manufacturer leaves an empty trailer at your location to collect your broken pallets. When the trailer is full, they will swap it out with another empty trailer.‍
  • Better Insulation‍: You can eliminate drafts in the winter and keep the heat down in the summer by installing weather-stripping around windows and skylights and repairing or replacing ceiling insulation.‍
  • Packaging Upgrade‍: Using eco friendly packaging as much as possible, such as biodegradable peanuts instead of Styrofoam, and corrugated paper bubble wrap instead of plastic, goes a long way.‍
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Forklifts‍: Traditional forklifts utilize lead acid batteries that store electricity to power the machine. On the other hand, hydrogen fuel cell forklifts use hydrogen and don’t release any harmful emissions. Forklifts powered by hydrogen fuel cells can be charged within 5 minutes, while conventional forklifts can take up to 30 minutes.

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