Racking Vs Shelving: What’s the difference?

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It is crucial for warehouse facilities to understand the difference between racking and shelving to know how they can benefit and is best for your business. The key difference between warehouse racking and shelving is that racking is typically used for storing heavy loads, while shelving is more suited for smaller and lighter items. Warehouse storage racking systems are more expensive compared to shelving but can hold more weight. Here is the difference between warehouse storage racking vs shelving:


Shelving is typically used for smaller items which are easier to access and carry by hand. Shelving units can be the best choice if people are picking products individually by hand. Warehouse shelving is generally made out of metal (or sometimes, but rarely wood) and sits on the ground. They are available in a variety of heights and include any number of shelves on it and products are often stored individually to group similar items together that you require. Some warehouse spaces also contain mechanized systems or the ones that are on wheels.

Pallet racking

Pallet racking is a pivotal piece of equipment in the warehouse that tends to be designed for access by forklifts and other automated systems. Warehouse racks are generally a lot taller than shelves that store heavy loads therefore can be great for warehouses with enough height as it maximizes the available space. Warehouse racking systems are deeper than shelving making it a great solution for storing smaller products or individual larger loads. They are constructed from heavy-duty metal because of the items they are storing and are usually anchored to the ground or walls for additional stability. Racking pallets may not have solid shelves (and sometimes no shelves at all) depending on what items are being placed on them.


Warehouse racking and shelving in Dalton.

The access, durability, and versatility of your warehouse storage racking and shelving system not just affects the production time but also the safety and durability of your product and workers. You can also have a combination of both pallet racking and shelving in different areas of your warehouse facilities allowing you to optimize the space in your entire warehouse. Are you looking for one of the best warehouse storage racking and shelving solutions in Dalton? Here at Southeast Rack Depot we offer high quality heavy-duty warehouse storage racking and shelving requirements for your business and warehouse requirements. We provide quality warehouse racking, shelving and installation services to companies and individuals who are in need of storage organization. All products shipped go through a QC procedure to make sure that you get the best quality & undamaged rack for your warehouse storage space.

With years of experience in the warehouse racking industry we are licensed, insured and have a team along with our own in-house Flatbed & LTL shipping to ensure that each and every warehouse rack and shelves lot gets delivered on time. We are dedicated to providing quality products with precision and superior customer service.

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