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Birmingham is a city in the state of Alabama which is said to be founded in 1871 and currently the most populated city in Alabama. Birmingham is actually named after the second largest industrial city in England during that time. Birmingham grew rapidly in between the late 1800s and 1920s which is also why it was named “the Magic City” or “the Pittsburgh of the south”. Birmingham was a leading industrial city of the southern region of the United States and their major industries were based on producing iron and steel.

Birmingham is surrounded by the tail ends of the Appalachian mountain ridges from the northeast to the southeast region. Some of the major cities surrounding Birmingham are Atlanta in GA, Nashville in TN, New Orleans in LA, Memphis in TN, Baton Rouge in TN, Louisville in KY and Charlotte in NC. Birmingham is a proper place to live as it has been growing at a decent rate and offers many things to see and do. If you are a person who prefers outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing then Birmingham can be a treat for you as it offers many hiking trails and rock climbing areas. University of Alabama or commonly called UAB has been an important part of Birmingham as it is amongst the leading universities for medical studies and is renowned worldwide.

Since Birmingham is a fast growing city, the need for pallet racks also have been growing simultaneously. A growing city means the need for warehouses and storages also increases everyday and pallet racks are an integral part of any storage facility. Amongst all this, knowing if purchasing a new pallet rack or used pallet rack is a vital part of being an owner of a warehouse or any storage facility. If you are considering purchasing pallet racks then here are few things you need to know.

  • If you are planning to buy new pallet racks then there can be a few reasons, you are planning to do so. You have either just opened a warehouse and are looking to add to the fresh new feeling and aesthetics of the facility. Another reason would be that you do not have time and don’t want to deal with checking everything before actually purchasing the pallet racks. There can be several reasons and buying new pallet racks for your warehouse can never be a wrong decision. New pallet racks means that they are fresh and strong. You will not have to worry about any damages from its previous use and on top of that you also have an advantage of having the manufacturer’s warranty. You can also customize the pallet racks according to how your facility is structured which means you will not have to worry about the pallet racks not blending into your storage facility.
    Used pallet racks on the other hand come with their own advantages. The main reason for you to decide on buying any used product is always because you want to save money. Although if you are deciding on buying used pallet racks then saving money comes with various things you need to consider. Used pallet rack means it will have damages from its previous use, the paint job will be falling off, there will be chances of some parts of the pallet rack rusting or falling apart, bolts and screws missing and the list goes on. So you need to look into a lot of things before buying a used pallet rack. Let’s look into some on the scenarios when you will be choosing to buy used pallet racks. Let’s say you are planning to relocate and are in need of something to last until moving then buying a used pallet rack can be a feasible decision. Another scenario would be if you are on a tight budget which means you will not have any other choice then to go for a used pallet rack.SouthEast Rack Depot has every type of warehouse racks you would require for your storage facility and have been a trusted pallet rack supplier in Birmingham, AL and the surrounding area since 2010. We have highly experienced pallet rack experts who will be more than happy to help you decide if you are caught up in a dilemma about buying new pallet racks or used pallet racks. So Call Us Today and let us assist you with your pallet racking needs.

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