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Charleston is a city located along the coastlines of South Carolina. It is one of the best cities to live in among the cities in the whole country located on Charleston Harbour. The city is very much favoured by tourists from all around the world for its rich history and vibrant art that can be explored all around the city. The city has a good economy and some of the biggest employers of the city include Joint Base Charleston, Medical University of South Carolina, Boeing, Charleston County School District and Roper St. Francis Healthcare.

If you are a resident of Charleston or are planning to start a business in the city then buying pallet racks is one of the first things you are bound to do. Pallet racks like any other things can be found new or used and deciding to buy the right type of pallet racks for your business can be a brainstorming decision especially when you consider the economical aspects of your business. Whether you decide to buy new warehouse racks or used warehouse racks they eventually serve the same purpose, that is to hold and store things in your warehouse.

Here we will discuss some mistakes we make while ordering pallet racks.

  1. One of the most common mistakes is ordering pallet racks that do not properly fit in with the structure of the warehouse. Proper consultation with the pallet rack supplier about the structure of your warehouse is very important when it comes to ordering pallet racks that will fit in with the structure of your facility. So when you are ordering new pallet racks you must make sure that rack is assembled properly. On the other hand while choosing used pallet racks you must make sure that it is not too big or too small for your warehouse.
  2. Buying pallet racks without a future plan for it in your business is another mistake that is repeated. While choosing pallet racks whether new or old, you must always see if it has a universal design or not. If you have to replace any parts of the rack then having a pallet rack design that does not go with any other designs can result in you having to replace the whole complete rack itself. So buying pallet rack design such as the tear drop style will make it easier for you to replace parts with any other style or brand of pallet racks.
  3. Guessing the capacity of the pallet racks is something you should never do. New pallet racks are fresh out of the manufacturers so they will be durable and strong but used pallet racks will have sustained damages and may be only able to handle a certain amount of weight in them. So whether it is new pallet racks or used pallet racks, you should always consult with a pallet racks expert to determine the actual capacity of the pallet racks.

SouthEast Rack Depot has been a trusted pallet rack supplier in Charleston, SC and the surrounding area for over 10 years now. We have highly experienced pallet racking experts who will make sure that all your questions regarding pallet racks are answered. If you are looking for any type of pallet racks for your business then we give the best rates for pallet racks in the Charleston area.

So feel free to GIVE US A CALL and let us help you decide the ideal pallet rack for your business.


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