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Used and New Cantilever Racks in Jacksonville, FL

We know it’s not easy to trust a company to get the services that you need. We all look for a company that has the skills and experience to handle the given work efficiently. Southeast Rack Depot has been providing the warehouse services around Jacksonville, FL of Duval County since 2010. We are a licensed and insured company that supplies you with the racks that you may need to store the materials in the warehouse along with other warehouse services.

Cantilever racks are one of the popular racks used to store materials like timber, poles, pipes, carpets, lumber, and other similar materials which is why it is also known as a lumber rack and a pipe rack A cantilever rack is made out of four main parts like the base, uprights, arms, and the supports. Its base is made out of the steel components and is strong enough to hold the weights of the load. A pallet rack is used to store the materials in the pallets in horizontal rows and vertical levels. The cantilever rack is a type of pallet rack. There are many types of cantilever racks and one of the common types of cantilever racks is the structural cantilever rack which has a high strength structure and is made out of steel components. The other one is an i-beam cantilever rack which is twenty feet tall and freestanding and a light-duty cantilever rack is used to hand load the materials without using any types of equipment like a forklift. Likewise, a heavy-duty cantilever rack is used to store the sheet metal, bars, and tubes and an extra-heavy cantilever rack has got high capacity storage for heavy pipe, tubing, and lumber.

There is always confusion about buying new or used cantilever racks. The difference that you may find between them is the difference in looks, price, and durability. A used cantilever rack is comparatively inexpensive than a new one but a cantilever rack however comes with a warranty. Similarly, Southeast Rack Depot also provides many other warehouse services like the warehouse relocation services along with the design of the layout of racks. Along with the different types of cantilever racks and the pallet racks we also supply the new and the used industrial storage shelves. Our contractors have got the skills to carry out such projects without causing any complications. So, you can trust us with such projects. Along with supplying the racks, we are also involved in the setup of the pallet racks.

You can always contact our company if you want any of the warehouse services around Jacksonville, FL. We will supply you with the quality racks and will help in the installation as well. You can trust our team as they have been known to give their best to the customers. Call Southeast Rack Depot today and set up an appointment with us for the services that you would like to get.