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Warehouse racking layout design is a complex work that requires a lot of skills, which might require you professional help. Southeast Rack Depot is a warehouse service company that provides the best design of warehouse and layout for you around the Knoxville, Tennessee area. We are a licensed and insured warehouse racking layout designing company that has been around Knox County since 2010. So, if you require professional help in designing the warehouse racking layout , you can always seek out help from Southeast Rack Depot.

The warehouse racking layout should effectively be designed for the proper use of the space and good flow of the goods. Many factors need to be taken into consideration to design a warehouse racking layout effectively. Similarly, productive floor space use is crucial to design an effective warehouse racking layout.

Considerations for productive warehouse floor plan

  • We should know the types of goods that are going to be stored in the warehouse. Several things like the dimensions, weight, and packaging of the goods need to be considered. Likewise, the type, size, number of storage racks, and shelves should also be known for better use of the floor space as it determines the amount of required floor space.
  • The length and width of the building’s floor area should be measured very precisely to design the warehouse layout. Also, knowing the height of the ceiling is important.
  • There should be space for keeping the forklifts and other types of equipment required in the warehouse for purposes like production, assembly, packing, storing, and many others.
  • The inventory flow in the warehouse should be taken into consideration as moving materials and inventory cost money. Thus, the inventory flow should be kept minimum.
  • The number of employees is also one of the crucial things to know for designing an effective warehouse layout as this can determine many safety issues.
  • Selecting a suitable type of racking system should also be taken into considerations for designing the warehouse racking layout. There are many types of racks available according to the storage requirement. Some of them are pallet racks , cantilever racks , heavy-duty shelving , light-duty shelving , small parts bins , and many others. Pallet racks are used for storing medium to heavy loads of stock and are one of the most cost-effective racks available for the warehouse , while cantilever racks are used for storing large items like pipe or lumbar. Similarly, heavy-duty racks are used to store heavy items, while light-duty is used to store small and light items.

Thus, professional help is necessary for designing an effective warehouse racking layout. Southeast Rack Depot can provide you the best designers for your warehouse racking layout design including other warehouse services. Some of our warehouse services are pallet rack shelving, warehouse racking installation, and warehouse racking relocation.

So, if you require the design of the warehouse and layout , including other warehouse services around Knoxville, TN, you can reach out to Southeast Rack Depot. GET IN TOUCH and GET AN ESTIMATE for the warehouse racking layout design or any other warehouse services you require from Southeast Rack Depot around Knox County.