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Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama and is famous nationwide for being historically and culturally rich with landmarks such as Dexter Avenue King Memorial Church, Alabama War Memorial, Alabama Shakespeare Theater, Alabama State Capitol, First White House of the Confederacy and the list goes on. A historical fact about Montgomery is that it was the first city to install electric street cars all over the city along a system which came to be known as the Lightning Route.

Montgomery is a very good place to live in. It has been a steadily growing city with good economic conditions. If you are an entertainment lover, like shopping or all in all an outdoor lover then this city is perfect for you. The major industries contributing to the economy of Montgomery are metal fabrication, lumbering, furniture production and food processing.

As a growing city there are a lot of industries adding up with it. The need for pallet racks also increases everyday. Owning a warehouse already has a lot of responsibilities tied to it and buying pallet racks for your warehouse should be a careful decision. Here we will discuss a few pros and cons you should know when you are planning to buy pallet racks.

    • New Pallet racks don’t come with much cons as they are fresh out from the manufacturer. New pallet racks means you have the advantage of making sure that it will fit perfectly in your warehouse as they can be customized any way you need according to the structure of your warehouse. You also know for sure that the pallet racks will do the work for you and you do not have to worry about checking if there are any defects in the pallet racks. If you are buying pallet racks for a new warehouse you just moved in then new pallet racks can add the right aesthetic feel to your warehouse and you can also choose the colours of the pallet racks according to your branding. Now, looking into the cons of choosing new pallet racks. New pallet racks can affect the financial part of your business as finding a used pallet rack in a good condition that can almost do the same work as new pallet racks can provide a much better value than a new pallet rack.
    • Used pallet racks can be a smart choice you can make as they have many advantages over new pallet racks when it comes to financial values and also environmental benefits. If you can find a used pallet rack that is in a good condition can be the best thing for your company’s budget. Another good thing about used pallet racks is that they are always shipping ready and you can have it in your facility sooner than new pallet racks that take time to customize and assemble. Since you are reusing a pallet rack when you are buying a used pallet rack which means you are also being environmentally friendly. Used pallet racks can be a great temporary solution for your warehouse if you are moving or need something to get by for a short term project. Now, the cons for used pallet racks is that they have to be carefully examined and you cannot be always sure that it will last for a long period of time. Used pallet racks also might not blend in with the environment of your warehouse.

SouthEast Rack Depot is a fully licensed and insured pallet rack supplier in Montgomery, AL and the surrounding area. We have been in business since 2010 and have been helping the people of Montgomery meet their pallet racks needs in the best way possible. We provide every type of pallet racking services from maintenance to selling new and used pallet racks. We have a professional team of pallet racks experts who can assist you in choosing the right pallet rack for you. So, Call Us Today and get yourself the right pallet rack for your facility.

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