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Pallet racks as we all know are the essence of a warehouse or a storage facility. When it comes to buying them you need to be smart about making the decision about buying a new one or think strategically and get a used one which will do the same job as the new one. Southeast Rack Depot has been a licensed and trusted pallet rack supplier in Nashville, TN and the surrounding area for over 12 years and we offer a wide variety of pallet rack options for your racking needs. Before you go ahead, take the decision of buying a used or a new pallet rack. Here are a few things you must know.

The main question that arises while making this decision is whether a new pallet rack or a used pallet rack is right for you. The solution to this question has other questions related to it. What do you need the rack for? Have you found the right rack that exactly meets your requirements? The list goes on depending on what you are exactly looking for. Used warehouse racks might be the best option for you but then again you will have to make sure you consult with an professional who will evaluate the structure of the used pallet rack, the condition it is in and what your warehouse looks like and then make a proper decision before you go ahead and make a non-reversible mistake trying to save a few bucks.

Why should you buy a New Pallet Rack?

One of the main reasons for you to go for a new pallet rack would be because it is highly customizable. If you have a facility that has a complex design then you can always request the supplier to have the pallet rack customized according to your requirements which cannot be done in a used pallet rack. Another reason should be that you can be sure about not having to deal with toxic paint substances, rusted steels or sustained damages from the previous use if you are not buying a used pallet rack in a good condition. You can also be guaranteed about the rack’s durability as it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty which makes it worth the extra money you will be paying for it. In addition to this if you are looking to add that aesthetic feel to your facility then new pallet racks are definitely the ones to go for. Since they have fresh paints and have no damages they will surely light up your facility.

Why should you buy Used Pallet Racks?

Used pallet racks are bought for the sole reason and the most important reason that is to save money. Used pallet racks can play an important part in saving you that extra money if you are in that phase of relocating to a new location and need to get some racks for the time being. Since they are ready made, you also don’t have to spend much time assembling the warehouse racks as they usually come partly assembled or completely assembled depending on how the supplier can transport it. You should also keep in mind a few things before purchasing a used pallet rack. Like its manufacture date, steel quality, if any repairs have been done in the racks or not and lastly, see it for yourself before purchasing it and not make the mistake of ordering it online. Time is an important aspect in any business so if you want something to be delivered on time then used pallet racks can come in handy as they are always in stock and ready for shipment. All in all if you are looking for a cost effective investment then used pallet racks are the one to go for.

Southeast Rack Depot can give you the best deals if you are looking for new pallet racks or may it be a used pallet rack. So if you are in Nashville, TN and the surrounding area, feel free to CALL US and our pallet rack experts will guide you and help you decide on getting the right pallet rack for your business. We are fully insured and trusted pallet rack suppliers in the Nashville, TN area so you can be sure that it will be worth every penny of yours.

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