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Panama City is a city located in the Bay County of the state of Florida. It is famously known for its beach known as the Panama city beach. The city is a good place to live in and has a lot to offer to the residents living and the tourists visiting the city. There are a lot of good shopping malls, restaurants, public parks and there is always a beautiful beach you can sunbathe in. The economy of the city is good with a good education system and a lot of possibilities for people looking for good opportunities. The major industries contributing to the economy of Panama city are the retail industry and health care systems.

Since retail business is one the biggest and highest employers of Panama city, the need for pallet racks is always there. If you are in the retail business or any business and require warehouse racks then it always comes to making the decision between buying new pallet racks or old pallet racks. Both Used pallet racks and New pallet racks have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us discuss the things you need to know about new and used pallet racks here.

Used Pallet Racks

If you are looking toget pallet racks at an affordable price and are not really concerned about the aesthetics of it then choosing to buy used pallet racks is definitely the right choice for you. Used pallet racks can be a smart business idea that will help save a considerable amount of your money depending on the work or project you need them for. Also used pallet racks are always available and ready to be shipped, so if you have an emergency then used pallet racks can be available any time for you. With that said, besides the cost saving benefits there are a lot of risks you would also be considering while deciding to buy used pallet racks. The first risk would be not having the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with new pallet racks. Almost all the used pallet racks do not have a warranty. Another risk would be that used pallet racks have a certain limitation to its uses. Since they have been put in use somewhere else before, so having damages in them is a common thing. So if it is not evaluated properly before purchasing then it can always lead to causing a major problem in the long run.

New Pallet Racks

New pallet racks are an option that you usually do not have to give that much of a thought to. If you are looking for strong and reliable pallet racks and also would like to add to the aesthetic of your facility then new pallet racks are the ones to go for. New Pallet racks are highly customizable, so if you are looking for pallet racks that will blend into the structure of your facility then new pallet racks can be a good choice. Also finding replacement parts for new pallet racks are always easier then old outdated pallet racks and if the new pallet racks have any defects in them then the manufacturer’s warranty is always there as a plus point for you. Now looking at some of the down sides of buying new pallet racks. New pallet racks are not readily available as they need to be assembled according to your requirements and then shipped to your warehouse which can take a good amount of time depending on your location. There is not much to talk about the disadvantages of buying new pallet racks but if you are looking at it from an economical point of view then new pallet racks are always a lot more costly than the used pallet racks.

SouthEast Rack Depot can help you sort out your confusion and take the right decision when it comes to buying new pallet racks or old pallet racks. We are a fully licensed and insured pallet racks supplier in Panama City, Fl and the surrounding area. Over our 10 years of experience in pallet racking we have helped a lot of business owners to buy the right kind of pallet racks. We have a team of highly experienced pallet racks experts who will assist you with any questions or confusions you have about pallet racks.

So feel free to CALL US and let us help you with your decision. You can also visit our WEBSITE and CONTACT US through it.


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