What is cantilever racking?

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Racking systems are the material handling systems that allow the possessor to store each and every they have to securely. Racking systems have become the most popular storage system due to their convenient storage facility. These pallet racking systems are mostly preferred by industries, warehouses, and stores. There are various types of racking systems available in the market. Such as selective pallet rack, double deep, back racking, drive-in/thru racks, and many more.

Among them, cantilever racking is one of the most preferred warehouse racks. Cantilever racking is a storage system that is designed to make storing long and bulky materials of any length more conveniently in greater quantity. The cantilever racking system offers the best storage area without any vertical obstruction. Southeast Rack Depot provides you with the best quality new cantilever racks and used cantilever racks with professional installation service.

Cantilever Racking is available for various types of storage such as light-duty cantilever racking, medium duty cantilever, heavy-duty cantilever and many others as well. Among all its types, Heavy-duty cantilever racking is mostly favored in warehouses and industries as they have high storage capacity and are durable. They can store medium to extra heavy materials as they have load-bearing arms anchored to a steel column and frames that leave the front of the racks unimpeded by structural elements for direct pick access to goods They are the optimal storage solution for lengthy or unusual-shaped objects such as furniture, lumber, tubes, fabric rolls, and pipes. Cantilever racking is available in both roll-formed and structural steel designs which are specially designed for light-duty to heavy-duty applications.

Cantilever racking costs are attainable in an affordable price range and the installation charges and other services are not that costly as well. Cantilever racking costs rely on which type of rack you prefer a new or a used one, don’t worry at Southeast Rack Depot we provide you racks at affordable prices. Used cantilever rack is the best option for you if you are looking for a way to save money and you won’t have to worry about it making problems storing heavy materials. As they used ones which have already been successfully holding heavy objects on them for a long time and it is still intact and will surely last long.

Structural Build of a Cantilever Rack Storage System

One bay of Cantilever Racking consists of two uprights with horizontal arms attached by bolts at various levels. This multi level storage system is designed and engineered to offer superior strength, stability, and safety. All the Cantilever racking components are treated with a durable and protective layer of paint for a scratch-resistance finish and a matchless professional style with better looks.

Talking About the components of a cantilever rack, they are the parts or elements the cantilever is made from for a cantilever to function with full efficiency. Cantilever Racking is made up of various components which include:-

  • Bases
    They anchor the rack system rigidly to the floor and connect to the unit’s upright and act as the essential stabilizing component for the rack system.
  • Upright Columns
    They are linked to the base and holes are present in them which lets the cantilever arms get connected to create the storage levels. Uprights can be used for single and double-sided units.
  • Arms
    They are linked to the upright column and are used to store the product.
  • Braces
    They are used to stabilize the upright columns offering horizontal and diagonal support as required.
  • Decking
    It is an option available that offers a solid shelf level to the cantilever storage arms for certain applications when required.


How to manage safer and more efficient storage of heavy goods on cantilever racking?

Cantilever rankings are the most important thing you must have in warehouses and industries for storage. But just having them in your warehouse is not enough. We must properly use and check it repeatedly as well. Here are some ways to manage safer and more efficient storage of heavy goods on cantilever racking:-

  • Proper optimization of the space available should be done.
  • Proper and regular inspection should be done.
  • Repair and replacements must be done when required.
  • The load must be kept according to the capacity.
  • While loading or unloading stored materials watch out for the vertical impacts.
  • Make sure you dont push or pull against the bottom of any arms as they may detach.
  • Racks must be properly installed and according to need.
  • Racks with direct access must be preferred to avoid incidents.

Make sure to read the above-mentioned points before installing cantilever racks for safer and most efficient storage use.

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