​How cantilever pallet racking can work wonders for your business warehouse?

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Cantilever pallet racking is a pallet rack designed to allow storage and organization of items that cannot be stored on other pallets. Usually, these pallet racks are great to hold long cumbersome objects and oversized loads. It has remained a favorite in the storage industry because of its inherent strength and an open wide access at the front of the rack for loading and storing of a wide variety of long, bulky or awkward loads.

Let it create wonders for you

When can you be sure that cantilevers pallet racks are a great option for you? If your warehouse needs to store lengthy and cumbersome items that cannot be stored in other traditional racking shelves, then cantilever racks will be a life saver for your warehouse. However, one problem you will face is cantilever racking costs a lot. And if you want to be cost effective and get the same benefits and advantages, you can consider purchasing used cantilever pallet racking.

Things to consider before buying cantilever pallet racking system

  • Types of item to store: Depending on the type of item you want to store, there is availability of pallet racks. Usually, cantilever pallet racking is a great option if you are having trouble in storing long, cumbersome items. If your items are long, and hard to store then a cantilever pallet racking system will be the best option for you.
  • Budget: Cantilever pallet racking costs a lot upfront. However, if you are under budget and want to be cost effective then it is great to buy used cantilever pallet racks. If you want to save time and money in the long run then cantilever pallet racking is a great option for the long run.


What are the advantages of Cantilever Pallet Racking?

The different benefits of cantilever racking is described below:

  1. Provide storage for hard to shelve items: Cantilever pallet racking is designed to allow for the easy storage of longer, thinner items like steel racks, beams, etc. Installing a cantilever pallet rack in your warehouse will provide you with a storage facility for hard to shelve, heavy and bulky items. With traditional shelving systems it is not possible that you will get a storage facility as well as an offer of open design and overall length required for storing tall, skinny items.
  2. Allow easy access: Cantilever racking system provides easy access to items, especially those stored on higher shelves that need to be reached by a forklift. This is because of the two smaller racks on either side of a lengthy I-beam with nothing directly above them. Because of the feature it is extremely easy to load and unload items from the front.
  3. Offer easy installation and reconfiguration: One of the wonders of cantilever pallet racking is whether it is a new cantilever or an used cantilever, it can be easily configured and installed in any warehouse space. Compared to other types of pallet racking systems, it provides a high level of flexibility for organizing your warehouse space according to your needs.
  4. Helps save time and money: You can save your precious time and money by installing a new or a used cantilever pallet racking. In the long run, you will be able to quickly store and retrieve items. Thanks to the increased storage space that cantilever racking offers, you can use it for storing other items.

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