What is pallet racking?

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Pallet racks are an upright structure that makes use of the otherwise unused space below the ceiling. A pallet racking shelf is made of steel framing with beams and connectors that are boiled, welded or clipped together to form a shelving unit for storing inventory and equipment. Pallet racks in warehouses are an essential component. It provides a sturdy method for organizing and locating stored materials.

Since installation of new pallet racking systems is expensive many warehouses prefer to install used pallet racking systems. Buying used pallet racks lowers the cost of investment.


How does pallet racking work?

Pallet racking is a great way of using the unused vertical spaces by creating a proper shelving system. For loading and unloading purposes, forklift trucks are used increasing the warehouse efficiency and saving stock picking time. There are various ways in which you can design and configure your warehouse according to the needs of the warehouse. There are different types of pallet racking that you can select to fit your needs.

  1. Single deep selective racks: This is the most common style of pallet racks used by warehouses that require access to every pallet. This pallet rack has the lowest density storage capacity compared to any other type of pallet rack. However, these pallet racks can be used in various aisle configurations and can be designed to work with any type of life truck.
  2. Double deep selective racks: For double deep selective racks, pallets are stored one in front of the other, adding density to the storage system. A specific life truck is required to access front and back positions of these double deep selective racks. The working of this pallet racking system is best for maximizing the warehouse space for cold storage and minimizing utility costs.
  3. Drive in/ Drive-thru racks: This style of pallet racks stores the pallets of the same product in a multiple deep configuration. This system works best when an entire bay is emptied prior to restacking.
  4. Push-backs racks: In this type of storage, pallet racks are configured in two pallets deep to five pallets deep. The first pallet entered into the system is pushed back as subsequent pallets are introduced into multiple deep locations. Thus, pallets are stored and retrieved on a last in- first out basis.
  5. Gravity flow racks: In this system, the pallets are introduced from the rear and retrieved from the front. This provides an extremely dense style of storage and ensure first in- first out inventory rotation.
  6. Cantilever racks: This system is used for long cumbersome products and oversized loads.

Benefits of Pallet racks

  1. Space optimization: A large portion of the warehouse is used for safe passages and access for forklifts. If the storing materials are spread across the floor, it leaves them disorganized and inaccessible. Installation of pallet racking ensures the floor space is maximized and the space below the ceiling is utilized for space optimization.
  2. Bulk capacity: Pallet racking, especially push back and flow racking, provide a static and safe structure for loading pallets and storing materials in bulk quantity. It is helpful in conveniently storing and accessing bulk materials.
  3. Inventory control: In the modern times, inventory control is an absolute necessity to increase profits and to provide efficient customer service. Having a well organized pallet racking system goes a long way in providing increased inventory control. Thanks to the availability of many addons and accessories for pallet racks, it is possible to plan an inventory system down to the smallest detail.
  4. Customization: It is possible to build a pallet racking system according to the needs of your individual warehouse. Every pallet racking system is designed, configured and planned so that it can fit the needs of a warehouse. Thanks to its flexibility and adaptability, it is also possible to customize pallet racks to fit special needs as well.
  5. Racking safety: Safety is the top most priority for any warehouse. During the manufacturing process, if there is disorganization and uncontrolled storage in the warehouse, it exposes the workers to a wide array of disasters that are harmful and costly. Installation of pallet racking ensures safety.

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