Which Pallet Rack is Right for your Warehouse

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Pallet Racks have an important part to play while determining how your warehouse is will turnout looking and making the full use of the space available in your warehouse. If you are planning to setup a warehouse then you must be able to differentiate between the types of pallet racks available and make the best choice out of it depending upon your requirements in order to be able to accommodate different warehouse needs and material sizes. So, it is very necessary that you are choosy about the type of pallet racks you select and use in your warehouse.

Basically there are two designs you can find for pallet racks. They are:


Structural Pallet Racks: Structural racks are manufactured to withstand both medium and heavy duty storage requirements and are built with rugged I-Beam (wide flange steel) materials. If you are looking to store awkwardly shaped or long items then structural rack is what you should be opting for. Structural pallet racks have bolted cross beams and are heavier racks which make them highly durable at holding or accommodating heavier weights. If you are using forklifts or other bigger moving equipment in your warehouse then Structural pallet racks can be your best choice. Some facilities also structural pallet racks to support the facilities roofs but that is a choice you can go or not go for.


Roll-formed Pallet Racks: When you think about saving money or are looking for an economical option for pallet racks then Roll formed racks are the ones to go for compared to structural racking. We can find roll formed racks in various capacities right from light to medium duty arms which has capacities ranging from 300 to 1500 pounds per arm and heavy to extra heavy duty arms with a capacity ranging from 1500 to 3000 pounds per arm. As discussed earlier rolled form can be the ideal solution for saving expenditure of the facility, especially while storing materials that are long and light-weight like plastic pipes. Rolled-formed pallet racks are mostly found with common teardrop shaped clip holes and are made from heavy-duty sheet metal. There is not going to be a problem when you will be over building or over ordering because the rolled form systems are a lighter steel gauge unlike structural systems so you can just order the amount you actually require. Roll-formed pallet racks are often found with common teardrop-shaped clip holes that are designed to make configuration and assembly easier, allowing easy adjustment of beam level height. Now when we talk about the assembly of the roll formed rack, they are much faster and easier to install than a structural rack because the arms easily mount with a single safety pin versus 4 nuts and bolts while the material is also light-weight. We can also find Slotted style opening for Roll-formed pallet racks. Versatile roll-formed can be your ideal choice if your retail outlet or your warehouse holds items or different shapes and sizes.

Other Pallet rack options available:

Given below are a few of the more options you can look into regarding pallet racks if you want to make full use of your warehouse space.


Drive-In & Drive-Through Pallet Racks: If you are using forklifts to move around directly among the stacked pallets in your warehouse then Drive-In & Drive-Through Pallet Racks is the best choice for you. Driver-in and drive-through pallet racks are two different types of racks. Talking about the difference between the two racks is that drive-in racks only have one entry point that makes the loading and exiting of the pallets limited to only one entry point which means that the first pallet to come out will be the last pallet and vice-versa. Now when we talk about Drive-through racks then it has two openings, meaning that the first pallet to come out from the other side will be the first pallet on one side.


Carton Flow Racks: In a Carton flow pallet rack a gentle tilt to push a lineup of cartons forward is used while removing the front carton. Conveyors can be used with carton flow pallet racks if you wish to create a fast and efficient retrieval system. While hand-picking small orders the best option would be using Carton flow racks.


Pallet Flow Racks: Pallet flow racks consists of skate wheels that are heavy-duty and slightly inclined that lets gravity help move the full pallets. The way to load a Pallet flow rack is from one side and picked from the other side which can be as deep as needed, and there are braked installed if you want to control the speed. If you have items that are regularly moved or are in an order like materials or things with an expiration date then pallet flow rack is the one to go with.


Pushback Racks: Lastly, Pushback pallet racks fall into the category of rack that uses inclined carts on rails and can be up to 2 to 6 pallets deep. Since the pallets move automatically with the help of gravity so the placement and removal of this type of rack is easier which means if you remove one pallet then the others move forward using gravity.

So it all comes down to choosing the right Pallet rack for your warehouse or your retail outlet which can be tricky and needs precision. The points listed above are few things you can consider before planning to install pallet racks which can help you to get the right decision for you pallet rack choice. You can also look for a lot of tips and hacks you need to know about pallet racks in necessary sources but incase you are still not able to make up your mind regarding what pallet rack to choose then consulting a pallet rack expert is strongly recommended.

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